finding apartment

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    finding apartment

    Hi im am a UK citizen currently living and teaching English in Kuala Lumpur. My contract and lease on apartment here expire on may 1st and am eager to move to Hong Kong.

    Can anyone give me any advice on teaching English out there? Is there any particular kind of intitutions I should avoid? Are jobs readily available? Teaching English in Malaysia has been very problematic, with minimal schools employing expats, low pay and red tape obtaining work visas. I'd like to obtain as much info as possible before I take the plunge.

    Also accomodation. I have been told that Lamma Island is a great place to live with far cheaper rental costs, and very peaceful, with excellant ferry service. Are there lots of apartments for rent there and where would I start? Are there any agents that could help me find somewhere from Malaysia?

    Also im actually a professional dancer holding a degree in dance. Are there many dance schools in HK teaching street dance, jazz, salsa, etc?

    I'd be grateful for any advice anyone could give me.

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    Hey, from my experience, people are always looking out for native english speakers. If you look the part, you generally get the job.
    The main areas of teaching is at the university/ schools/ language centres.
    The most difficult thing is getting a work visa which must be sponsored by your future employer. Employers generally employ people who already have a work visa. But I don't think that it would be that difficult to find work. Do you have the TEFEL?

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    Exclamation flatshare in Lamma island?!

    Well, been following this site for sometime now. I'm most probably going to be moving into HK in a couple of months. As usual looking up for a place to sack out in the nights.
    Everyone that I know says its quiet expensive but then again one can come acroass a bargain sometimes.
    Even Ive heard that Lamma island is quiet a place.. cheap too. Does anyone know how to get some lowdown onto shared accomodation websites.. or information.. message boards... anything!!!
    I'd like to know whether it makes sense for me to live in Lamma and travel to work everyday ( office in Central, stanley street ).
    I'd prefer to get some place thats really CHEAP!!! Dont mind highrise buildings at all..
    Any other info ?

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    You've got to understand .. very cheap is relative.

    You might be able to find some reasonable places in Sheung Wan in some old chinese buildings. Have a local colleague accompany you. The upside is you'll be within walking distance of Stanley Street and will save some money on the ferry fare. Fair number of Hong Kong U students who live in that area...