Need advise on accomodation close to Quarry Bay.

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    Smile Need advise on accomodation close to Quarry Bay.

    Hi Folks,

    I am looking to move to HK in the 3rd week of April . I will be working in Quarry bay at least for 6 months and am looking for an accomodation as close as possible to Taikoo palace .
    I am planning to bring my family(Wife and kid (age under 3)) and looking to rent out a Studio room .

    Please advise on the accomodation considering the requirements below(Descending order of priority) :

    1) Primary schools(English speaking) with reputable standard of syllabus.
    2) Hospitals near by.
    3) Easy availability of public transport.
    4) Shopping complexes and cinema.
    5) Fitness club and recreational activities.

    Kindly advise on which place to settle and what may be the minimum rental per month that will be needed to stay as close as possible in Quarry bay .

    Thanks in Advance,


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    Hi Karthik,

    I think you are very, very late for many things.

    First, you forgot the most important part: Budget?
    Public transport is excellent. Quarry Bay is in HK Island, so that will be no problem wherever you stay.
    Shopping complexes....Have you ever been in HK before? Try going somewhere on the Island where there is no Shopping complex!

    School: I do not think that you can pick and choose at this late point. Might have to take what you get.
    Hospitals are everywhere and the standard is usually very good.

    When you stay only 6 Months I think that the only option for you is a serviced apartment anyways.

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    Hi Nep,

    I have nva been to HK before and wrt schools, O am currently looking for a play school/ pre school.

    I am looking at a budget of around 13 k HKD .

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    Well, if you are thinking about living on Hong Kong island, you can forget about your number 2-5. Hong Kong have such an efficient ambulance and transportation system. You can get access to those facilities you said within half an hour. There are a lot of reputable primary schools around Tai-koo area.

    For the rent, the local people use a website called You can even find 0$ Agency Fees studio flat. 全香港租屋,租樓,租盤 –香港591租屋網

    Wish you all the best with moving