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Flatmate wants to take me to the police

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    Flatmate wants to take me to the police

    I am currentl away from hk and subletting my guest room in my flat.
    I had a part time going to the flat once a week to clean it and keep an eye on it ( all my personal belongings are in the flat).
    The woman has threatened to report her to the police and accused her falsly of stealing some make up. My part time then decidedshe wouldnt go back as felt unsafe.
    I then had a friend going in once a week to get my mail and empty the dehumidifier in my room.
    My friend took some photos 2 days ago of the living room as there were suitacases all over it... someone extra was probably staying...
    Then flatmate today texted me saying the sofa is infected with bed bugs and i need to get people in... i have asked her abt the suitcases and she said they were hers...
    I refused to do anything and gave her a month notice.
    She threatening to report me to the police for illegaly sharing the flat. There is no clause against it on my lease but then my landlord is not aware of it..

    How much troubles can i get ? What are my options as now I am the one not feeling safe having her in my flat....

    Thanks for advices

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    Subletting isn't a police matter, it isn't a criminal offense.

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    Exactly what TB said. Tell your flatmate to have fun at the police station. Nothing they can do. They can bring a claim to court but there needs to be losses occurred to someone. Hardly able to quantify those.

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    Thank you for reminding me why I don't sublet!

    She has no grounds to stand on. Depending on your contract you could even get rid of her sooner and pay her some compensation.

    And next time, only take tenants on personal recommendation!