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Advice - new landlord, doesn't want to fix appliance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cminds:
    What's the consensus of a leaky air con that probably needs the pipes to be cleaned. Is that the tenant or landlord responsibility assuming it was included in the tenancy agreement that air con units are included
    In general, if it's leaking because it's dirty, then it should be your responsibility to have them cleaned. If it's leaking because water is coming through the walls when it rains (ie leaking seals), then it should be the landlord's responsibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MerMer:
    Well, it's more about how uncivilised travelling with peasants OUTSIDE their countries, but we both know that's another thread. Got any advice about my situation, or are you going to defend the local landlord against the unrealistic expectations of a whiny gweilo expecting to be able to use the oven in the apartment they rent?
    HK landlord often suck and renting flats in here is in my opinion the worst thing about this city. Knowing that, it's unrealistic to have the expectation that they will maintain appliances or do anything nice for you. Your biggest problem seems to be that you think that other countries rules and regulations apply here. Sorry to disappoint but that's what happens when you live in a foreign country, you either adjust your expectations or you're miserable and/or you leave. You can always ask but in most cases, you are out of luck unless it's clearly indicated in the contract and I fully expect the landlord to take the repair out of your deposit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golem:
    Looking at your general attitude, it's probably high time that your return amongst your peers to complain about how unpleasant the peasants are in uncivilized countries.
    You seem to have gotten a lot more shrill and easily wound up since your previous incarnation on the forum (which iirc I quite liked). What's up?
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