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Moving to HK

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    All, thanks for your kind advice and my role is firm and currently awaiting my work visa approval. So once I know everything is done, i will start active hunting for a place to stay. K Town will be a great starting point for me. I researched the vicinity and certainly with an MTR things are looking lively there!

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    Some mid levels apartments (the bigger estates) comes with shuttle buses too (with a fee of course, but it's cheap, mine is included in the club house fee which is just $4800 per year and unlimited use of the shuttle buses).

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    Oh that's nice. Can I ask which one you are at? Will check that out

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    I am at grand panorama. a few other ones like pearl garden, dynasty court, queen's garden, robinson heights, etc. have the service too.

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    Thanks! and will check out these places. If anyone else has ideas/suggestions please feel free to post here and I appreciate the help!