Flat rent renewal OR short term extension up to 7 months only?!

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    Question Flat rent renewal OR short term extension up to 7 months only?!

    Hi, we're currently renewing our flat rent for the 3rd time, expiry of current 2 year contract is end of Nov 2019.

    Next June 2020 (after school end), my spouse and kids are planning to leave HK for good except going back every 3 years for retaining permanent residence status and MPF. My self is not sure if I will join them or stay here for few months or a year/few years.

    Can I negotiate with the landlord if I can extend/renew my current contract up to June 2020 only and not 2 years again? I'm thinking what would be my "false" reason, e.g.,
    "possibility of new work assignment far from my current place"
    "not sure of job renewal on June 2020 (I just renewed my 2 year JOB contract now)"
    "family will leave HK and I will just rent a service apartment on July 2020"

    OR is it better to just renew it 2 years more and leave on the 13th month/Nov 2020 (my current contract says I can leave after 1 year) to avoid the hustle because I'm afraid if my landlord found out that I will only stay on June/Nov 2020 he may not renew the contract now and we will be struggling to find a new place in few weeks time.

    We cannot leave on a studio service apartment from Nov 2019 to June 2020 because we also have a helper. Thank you.


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    you can try, but unlikely, if you renew you can escape the contract after 13 months

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    Ask for an expat exit clause whereby you can end the lease early without penalty if your job makes you leave HK. Given its a renewal it is completely up to the landlord whether they want to consider a 7 month extension. This is the situation you are in so time to deal with it is now.