Hong Kong Island West or East?

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    Hong Kong Island West or East?

    Hi guys

    finally got my visa approved! Looking at accommodation now and considering Novum West next to HKU station or Novum East in Quarry Bay, both are within my budget of around HKD16,000 per month but I need some opinion of what these 2 areas are like. I have heard that the living cost is slightly higher in the west (ie SYP, Sheung Wan) but how’s it like in Quarry Bay? Other than these 2 any other places will you guys recommend? I’m looking for a fairly new place (I’m fine with studio) and preferably with club house around HKD 16,000 per month

    I’ll be working in Wan Chai and I can see there are plenty of options available in the area but they are relatively old and I have also heard some nasty comments about living in that area (let me know if you have a different experience).

    im open to explore somewhere in Kowloon as long as the commute won’t take more than 30 mins per way to Wan Chai. I can also speak some basic Cantonese so somewhere local won’t be a problem for me.

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    Sorry not been to the Novum. Bumping your post.

    The living cost will only be higher if you frequent western establishments. If you're ok going into local eateries you'll be fine in SYP/Sheung Wan.

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    Find your self a service apartment or contact a hotel for monthly rates. They are all highly discounted at the moment. A lot easier right now to contact the hotels directly - not through booking sites.

    This will give you some time to figure out where you want to live and negotiate a lease in your terms, without any time pressure.

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    Hong Kong

    Both pretty nice areas.

    The HKU area seems a bit more crowded but a bit easier to get Western products (like tortilla chips) and it's very close to Sheung Wan Central, Kennedy Town for drinks or nice restaurants. If you see yourself socializing a lot, you might enjoy being closer to those areas.

    Quarry Bay is a bit quieter with the mountains on one side, so also closer to hiking. Things in general seem slightly cheaper and it's more local (think no herbs in the supermarkets). Still have some nice restaurants around Taikoo Place and in Taikoo.

    Overall, I would choose Quarry Bay, since it's a better place to relax and recharge, but it all depends on what you want. I think it is a good idea to stay in a hotel first and explore each area first to see which one you would prefer.