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Lease Contract in Chinese

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    Lease Contract in Chinese

    So I’ve found a nice property managed by CTS group. The problem is the agreement I’m told will be signed in Chinese. The agent has promised to provide an English translation and also assured he’d be ready to help in the near to far future. The contract is a 24 month with 14 month fixed period (2 month notice). Is there anything I should be careful about.

    The apartment is well maintained and fits my budget.

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    Get a lawyer

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    Maybe ask for the landlord and yourself to also sign the translation? Then in a way it would be a kind of contract. Mostly contracts seem standard, but sometimes they slip in funny stuff. I had one barely comprehensible contract once that stated that the tenants were responsible for typhoon damage! I asked them to take that part out, and they agreed.

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    Ask to sign the standard boilerplate lease which is already simple and addendums can be added in sections.

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    Usually when you sign with a landlord, the common practice is to sign two year contract with 12 months fixed term, and 1 month notice. Can you ask for that?