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    You can get a nice 700 sq ft second floor with balcony and rooftop in Sai Kung with a decent view for that budget. Even a 1400 sq ft duplex around $5M

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucdavis08:
    Tsuen Wan is pretty convenient as you probably know.
    It's crowded in the old area, but if you live up on the hill or live near West Rail station, I don't think it's too bad.
    I am sorry it's not really that useful.
    Thanks for the update ucdavis08 and lips.
    I have not yet finalized the deal but have liked The Cairnhill (route twisk Tsuen Wan), The cliveden,Vision City, Banyan Gardens(lai chi kok).

    One thing would like to know, why are rates compared to other developments(not better) are more than Banyan Gardens.So far I have liked the European design of Banyan but is there any catch or something which I must consider before buying?

    Also,the online bank valuation seems to be lower than what property agents tell us.Is there any difference of online property valuation and original valuation?

    People please let me know as this would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Siu Lam

    The online valuation of most bank are pretty useless and you better ask someone as the bank directly.

    i find that standard chartered often offer better valuation than most other bank.

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    Sham Tseng

    Not sure if you have made a decision just yet but would like to suggest Bellagio in Sham Tseng. It is nice and also convenient.

    Find Bellagio to be less congested than Banyan Garden, Olympic &

    It takes me 35 minutes to Mong Kok in the morning (52X to Lai Chi Kok MTR) 20 minutes on the return on the red top mini bus

    962B goes to Admiralty takes about 40 to 45 minutes

    The complex has shuttles to TST and Tseun Wan MTR station