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    I told my first landlord straight up that if he wanted to raise the rent even if its for a dollar, I WILL move out. He wanted a 10% increase He thought I was kidding and eventually, I wrote him an email stating that I WILL be moving out by a certain date and found an apartment that $200 cheaper and it was has nicer furnishing than his apartment. I had a 40inch LCD TV. He then asked for a nominal $100 increment and I told him, no. No way at all. This happened about 2 yrs ago. I realised that when landlords know that you like the place and wont mind paying extra for rent, they would raise the rent. Who wouldn't like extra money if given a chance?

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    We were told by an agent recently that there are two types (maybe more) of landlord. Those who are aware of the financial markets and are realistic (currently lowering their rentals) and those who are unaware.(presumably the same goes for tenants If anyone is in doubt about rents dropping then just call Sallmans or any of the agents. They will tell you. They have the flats on their books! Had a call today from one offering a lower rental etc (landlord considered ad agreed). Different story if you are already in, but you can refuse rental rises.
    Good luck!