Renting residential with a Company + Tenant safety

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    Exclamation Renting residential with a Company + Tenant safety

    I found an apartment that I like, apparently it is owned by some private company in middle of Lockhart road.

    • I have never rented with a private company and wondering if there is something I should be cautious of when signing agreement with a company as opposed to say an individual? My broker showed the company is registered as a private company.
    • Can I ask the company to give me rent receipts in tenancy agreement? Is it a norm here to give rental receipts?
    • What other formalities can I do - take picture/video of the apartment before sign? Can these pics be part of tenancy agreement?

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    A lot of "companies" are actually just shells owned by an individual / family members.. well, lucky them: those properties are valuable now as buyers can bypass double stamp duty. You can always check the company registry, or ask the agent whether the owner is effectively just an individual - or whether it really is a giant bureaucratic conglomerate. I can foresee issues with the latter, although if they hold lots of properties you might even find them more professional than most clueless HK landlords.

    As for receipts though: absolutely. If anything, company is obligated to do proper accounting, so they should issue you receipts, and if chopped they'd look more official than a scruffy home-made receipt by a private landlord.

    Pictures: sure... you can always request. I've had tenancy agreements with photos enclosed too.