A/C not working—does landlord pay?

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    Question A/C not working—does landlord pay?

    I moved into this flat back in September. It was in decent condition despite not being cleaned even when that was one of my conditions of signing the contract.

    The building itself is very new—built in 2019. But my split aircon isn’t working properly. It leaked even when I first moved in, but it wasn’t a huge deal, so my agent never passed on the info to the landlord. I highly doubt it’s ever been cleaned in the past 2.5 years. Now, no cool air is coming out, the blue light won’t turn on (the green one does), and the vent/vane won’t even open when I turn it on.

    Am I responsible for getting it cleaned/fixed or is the landlord?

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    Landlord should

    Get it cleaned first and see if that fixes it, last time we did it it was $500 for each unit.

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    Check your contract. Most standard HK rental contracts don't put liability onto the landlord for air conditioners or white goods.

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    my landlord changed the aircon in one of my room, she didnt even bother fixing it. Get someone to clean it, it could be what is preventing it from working, notify the landlord first and say you will deduct from the rent. I never had an issue with that, especially if the building is from 2019 there is no excuse there.