Clearwater Bay thumbs up or thumbs down?

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    Thumbs down Clearwater Bay thumbs up or thumbs down?

    Hi All,

    After initially concentrating our apartment search on Kowloon (particularly Kowloon Tong - Mount Beacon, near the kids school - AISHK), we've just discovered the Clearwater Bay area.

    It looks great I must say - MTR line to the school and also to husbands workplace in Central. Affordable, good quality housing options, bay outlook, beachy sort of lifestyle (I guess) etc.

    Seems perfect, but am I missing something?

    We're not interested in the typical expat haunts on the island - want to be out of the ratrace really.

    Does anyone have any advice - especially negatives about the area that we are overlooking?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Well there are some critical things you are missing:

    -Clearwater Bay itself has no MTR anywhere in the area. It is part of Sai Kung district. The only MTR stations in Sai Kung District are Po Lam, Hang Hau, Tseung Kwan O and Tiu Keng Ling which all do not include beaches.

    -Clearwater Bay itself is not that good transport wise. It has a few mini bus routes and one big bus route. You would be using a lot of taxi or (better yet depending where in clearwater bay a car)

    -The area is indeed nice with several large beaches and some small little beaches near the villages. The area is huge though and not all houses will be on the bay.

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    Clear Water Bay (In Da Jungle)

    Thumbs up

    Definately Thumbs up cause i live there. Woohoo.

    Green Minibus 103M goes to MTR station, 103 goes to Kwun Tong, 16 goes to Po Lam.

    Ur husband can take the 962 cross harbour bus from Tsueng Kwan O Hospital bus terminal to Central, No need to push/bump on the MTR.

    Great Parknshop in silverstrand plaza, also has laundry shop, pet shop there. If you dont have a car, Park N shop delivers so not a bigge.

    Also you can take Green taxis which are cheaper but only towards Hanghau MTR. If you need i can get you a Discount (RED) taxi for longer journeys that speaks English.

    Location wise its very nice, espically if you have a garden where u can sit n relax with a nice cold beer on weekends and not hear too much hustle and bustle of the city. Being surrounded by loads of trees is great.

    Looks like I m promoting Clear Water Bay too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtbhotia:
    Great Parknshop in silverstrand plaza
    That PnS is hardly anything to write home about but I agree CWB is a great location (and better if you have a car/can afford to pay for taxis daily).