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Broken Water heater/Rent Abatement ?

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    Broken Water heater/Rent Abatement ?

    So water heater broke down, informed landlord immediately. Towngas technician came over for pipes inspection, informed that the heater need to be changed. Landlord been told that they will have to come for a second inspection on Monday and if things are fine they will take another 3-4 days to come and install the new one. If anything wrong with the pipping things will take longer, who knows how long?

    So basically best case scenario is 7 days without hot water.

    So how I approach the landlord asking for a rent abatement? My rental contract doesn't specify what happen in this case or if I'm entitled to rent deduction.

    What would be a fair abatement for those 7 days in term of percentage -20% to -25%.

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    Sai Kung

    I think it really depends on how long you have been there, what’s your general relationship with LL. If you’ve been there years with minimal claims then go for it. If you are relatively new perhaps swallow the inconvenience but send a nice note the the LL explaining that if it’s longer than a week you’d be looking for recompense for the inconvenience. Others might be more forthright on this but that’s my penny’s worth.

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    Id say regardless of the length of your tenancy with the LL ask them nicely. Never hurts to ask nicely..

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    If if was one of my tenants I’d give 50% off. It’s just one eight off - not a lot, and in this weather not having a water heater is a big deal. Unless there’s more than one bathroom , in that case I’d prob wouldn’t give any thing off.

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