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Urgently looking for a place to stay on Lamma

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    Urgently looking for a place to stay on Lamma

    l am currently looking for a place to stay on Lamma after my contract with my current studio ends on 6/7. l want to rent a flat from June till the end of November. My budget is 11,000, including utility bills. Please DM me for any info! And have a great and peaceful day ahead!

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    There are plenty of places available on Lamma for that budget, but you are unlikely to find them here. I would suggest talking to the two or three estate agents in the person as 95% of the opportunities will be going through them. Tricky to find a short let for your specific dates but possibly doable.

    Also join the Lamma facebooks groups as people will often post in there looking for short term tenants while they are out of HK etc.

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    Might be possible to also convince a AirBnB landlord to give you a short term contract. Browse the listings there and give it a go..

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    $11,000 a month or $11,000 for 6 months?

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