My husband and I are living in SZ at the moment, but after our baby is born (next month), we'll be moving to HK. He'll be working in Kwai Fong (long hours so doesn't want a big commute) so we've looked at bit at Tsuen Wan to live in.
We looked at the Vision City apartments. They're pretty small, but seemingly on par with a typical HK apartment, but really nice. My husband really likes the area there because it has a mix of nice, western (City Walk shopping mall) and also cheaper, local for food etc. I know it's pretty busy around there but the location is good for us.
So, I was wondering for all of you living in Tsuen Wan and/or Vision City, How do you like it? Good points, bad points?
I'm in particular curious about Vision City. I know it's new and all, but it seems the real estate agency we went to was really pushing it. They said they only had ONE furnished place, and they wanted 12.5K (our max is 12 but can negotiate fine), but without furniture around 10K. This is for a 2 bedroom, 668sqft (gross), but is sooooo smalllll, especially the second bedroom which can't even fit a bed!!! I want at least a 3 bedroom with 100 more sqft living space for that price, though probably unfurnished. Is that reasonable to find, especially in Vision City?
Any thoughts about Tsuen Wan and/or Vision City would be appreciated.