Hello all.

My name is Paul, I will be arriving in Hong Kong on the 9th of February and will be needing accommodation till the 23 of March.

Some small details about my self:
I am 24, I am from Ireland. I am traveling to HK to meet up with my old Girlfriend, I am hoping she can spend a lot of time with me. She goes to CUHK, so I would really like my accommodation to be close as can be to the University so we there wont be to much running about. I am very clean, and i keep quite so i wont be to much trouble. I love to cook but that really does not mean there has to be a place for me to cook.

I miss her a lot and would really like this trip to mean something for both of us. So please be kind and if you don't have accommodation for me please help and point me in the direction I need to go.