Work in Kowloon Bay - Best Location to Live ?

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    Red face Work in Kowloon Bay - Best Location to Live ?

    Just arrived in HK, working in Kowloon for a month in hotel and looking for apartment to rent for when my wife and baby daughter come over in a few weeks.....clueless where to start ?! Apreciate any thoughts.
    Ideally looking for around 1000 sq ft with a budget of 20 - 25K max.

    Been thinking East Kowloon area but also wondering if Causeway bay might be good. Is the commute doable ?
    Even some tips on good areas to look at would be I sound desperate....that must be because I am !!

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    Tiu keng leng few stations to kowloon bay every convient.

    check out Oscar by the sea / ocean shore

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    I'd also say Tiu King Leng. Ocean Shores right next to the Tiu King Leng MTR station is quite good. Should be possible to get a 1000+ sq feet unit for less than 20K/month there.

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    Some suggestions:

    Clearwater Bay No.8 right on top of the Choi Hung MTR
    Galaxia on top of the Diamond Hill MTR
    Ocean Shores or Metro Town/Le Point in Tiu Keng Leng
    The Grandiose beside Tseung Kwan O MTR

    Causewaybay would be more expensive (50-70%) since it's located on HK island, it's crowded and the commute doesn't seem convenient as there is no direct link (AFAIK not even a ferry), so you need to cross from Admiralty or Northpoint, meaning that you have to change the MTR at least twice either way.

    I think Ocean Shores would be nice, it's quiet yet conveniently located and has a huge club house.

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    Ocean Shores - Great Place to Live


    Thank you, thank you for the Ocean shores tip. What a great place to live.
    Close MTR access, nice apartments with stunning view and over 1000ft for less than 18k....and fantastic facilities for the kids.
    Been there over a month now and would recomend it.