Furnished Serviced Apt Needed for HKD25K-35K/month

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    Hi Bethany725,

    Thanks for the great review. Do you mind me asking how much per month you are paying?

    I am moving to HK in two weeks and will look to stay in a hotel/serviced apartment for the first month. I have been leaning towards this area when researching places to live so it would be good to move into a serviced apartment in the area to test it out first. It looks really nice and I am not sure if work will OK the expense, compared to a cheaper hotel near work (Kowloon Bay).

    I know at the start of this thread that you mentioned looking in the 25k-35k range, did you manage to stay within this?

    Also now that you are settling in, how do you find the area?

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    Our studio is coming in at 25,000 HKD... the 1-bedroom will be 44,000 HKD.

    The area seems fine.. so far we've been to a restaurant, then a lounge, on Hanoi Road which was really close by taxi and good for a quieter night. We've also gone to the area on top of the Elements Mall .. Stormies, Olive, etc. It's close-by, laid-back, but does close relatively early even on weekends: Stormies stops serving food at 11:30pm, and everything closes at 1am. The "W" is right here, though, and their lounge stays open until 2am, with food served until 1:30am, so we've taken advantage of that.

    We still have yet to do Ashley Road and Knutsford Terrace, but I think they're up next for us..

    And of course we've ended up in Central quite a bit since it's so close and LKF seems to be a good meeting place to meet up with our friends that live on the HK side.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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    Thanks Bethany725,

    I have booked into a studio in Harbourview for a month and will see how I go. I have a feeling I may be a little claustrophobic after a week or two but am just happy to have finally decided on somewhere to sleep, am arriving Sunday so it was getting a bit close for my liking!

    Hope my first commute to Kowloon Bay on Monday goes well!

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    Hi, any suggestions for a serviced apartment studio for a limit of 14k.
    Just need somewhere for month...any suggestions welcome.

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    You should definitely be ok here, at least for a month! Since arriving, I've been able to see some different apartments both here and in Central area, and size-wise, there's really not that much variation. Our studio here in THVP is actually quite a bit larger than some of the other studios I've seen, PLUS it's stacking up way better in the "niceness" department.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your first commute to KB.. I've learned here that everything takes longer, is harder, and is a little more scary the first time, but is WAY easier the second. I guess that's to be expected, but it's proven true for me over and over here.

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    Hi Bethany

    Did you manage to move into a one-bedroom apartment there? If so, do you mind telling me what it is like? We are coming to HK for the month of July and I have currently shortlisted to this or Lanson Place, which I know you were also interested in.

    Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.

    Jo (UK)

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    Eaton House has several buildings for expats,in Happy VaLLEY(2) and Wanchai.
    One has swimming pool ,you may want to check them out,I think prices have come down or negotiable.
    Emperor something Hotel in Happy Valley across from HK Sanitorium has one month stay for 15k(tax included).
    YMCA right next to Peninsula Hotel has long term rates as well,but rates are higher.
    The problem with Happy Valley is not there is no MTR but you can take the bus or tram.

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    We are all moved into the 1-bedroom and like it very much.. The amount of storage space in this place is GREAT. I swear little closets just pop out from everywhere, it seems. The pantry is MORE than enough space, and there's a huge floor-to-ceiling cabinet area for pots/pans.
    Also, important to note -- my mom has been visiting for almost 3 wks, and we've figured out that the entire apartment can essentially be cut in half by pulling closed a couple of doors, which is wonderful for privacy. The bathroom area has the toilet and a guest sink in an area that can still be accessible to your guest, as well as yourself.. Very convenient! My husband has been able to get up, shower, get ready for work, etc, all without opening any doors to the other half of the apartment or disturbing Mom, who is sleeping in the living room area.
    We're really happy in our 1 bedroom and feel like it's perfect for the two of us, and one guest fits in nicely.
    Let me know if you have any other specific questions, and I'll be happy to answer if I can! I haven't looked at Lanson Place in person, so I'm sorry I can't vouch for that one. I hope this helps anyway.

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    Great, thanks Bethany

    Are you also happy with the immediate, surrounding location? I have a 7 month old and pram so need to be able to get around easily enough...

    Many thanks

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    I think getting around with a pram should be easy enough.. The streets around this area are pretty wide with plentiful sidewalks that are well maintained, plus you can get MTR access without going outside which is going to be really nice when summer is scorching! I haven't spent a ton of time in Causeway Bay, which is where I think Lanson Place is(??), so I'm sorry I can't say much for that area.

    Good luck making your decision.. I love it in Hong Kong so far and hope you will too for your stay.

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