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Beware of Craiglist Scam at: Cimbria Court, 24 Conduit Road, Flat 5A

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    you guys may as well give up trying to beat these scammers

    The big sting

    they did something very similar in the states- but no one was arrested. in the aussie one- they essentially track down the scammers (scammed some guy in oz out of 500k aud) , and with local law enforecement, arrested all the guys of that 'gang'.

    but the bottom line is for every one group that gets taken down there's many others - and for most govt's it's not worth the time/effort to go after these crooks (mostly stemming from nigeria)

    the easiest way to fight these guys is to use common sense. (no offence)

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    Quote Originally Posted by e11ie:
    fromMarcel Cupa <[email protected]>

    And here's another post that I've flagged to craigslist
    Lovely 3bed room apartment for rent at HK
    (really smells like a scam...)

    As for me, I'm genuinely looking to move from my current place and hence trolling sites like craigslist etc, but getting annoyed that there's more and more scams on craigslist...
    Here's a similar one with the same photo but in Stockholm.


    Definitely a scam

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    oo... Good Lord! I did see the Craiglist scam for the Stunning 2 bedroom in Wanchai again since I was trying to find a flat...

    Yes.. everything is so weird....

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    Thanks for posting this, because I was just the recipient of this scam via a craigslist ad:
    Delightful, 2BR Apartment, Spacious and Furnished

    Good thing I did a search before moving any further with this...

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    Too good to be true.

    Actually received an email by Victoria Earl! Googled it and found this thread! Keep it up guys.

    Don't remember which post the reply was to. Might have been craig list or gum tree.

    When things are toooo good to be true - they usually are!

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    Hello i got the same. This time she is VICTORIA. This is her email [email protected] All as the same stories as above, very dissapointed.

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    Thank God I found this thread. I got an email after responding in an ad in craigslist. The scammer's name now is Tamara De Kerros [[email protected]] but with the same email response as posted before:

    Good to read from you on your interest on my apartment, which i am leasing out for rent

    The apartment is still very much available for rent. Just to give you a little low down about the apartment and myself. I am a Swiss citizen, i inherited the flat from my late father, as being is his child. He was actually residing there only, until his death. Which is why i am offering the flat for lease. I am residing here in Madrid, Spain with my fiance. Who i am about getting married to in less than two months, and presently working at the Hospital Universitario La Paz here in Madrid.

    The flat is up for a total of 7000HKD per month. Which i also think is fair enough considering the location. I just need someone with an open heart, love and clean to occupy the apartment and put all my worries off concerning the maintenance of the apartment for now.

    The flat comprises of two bedroom. Excellent condition inside. Good sized lounge, with a sofa, DVD player, stereo, and washing machine. Can sleep a max of 4, and ideal for family, couple and friends. The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary cooking utensils

    Just to let you know, the keys are right here with me. But there wouldn't be any problem with that. As it can be posted to you, after all necessary agreement has be reached and signed into lease. Also i will like you to know that the rent charges is not really an issue here , but your absolute maintenance of the apartment, because it is good to keep the property in good condition, just for the memories of my father. Who committed so much putting those facilities in place, so i wouldn't want an violation of my property if finally rented by you.

    Address: 141-147 Johnston Road, Flat E, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. And please note, Monthly Rental is only inclusive of management fee and government rate. The minimum lease term is 2 months, and a maximum of 2 years with a possibility of extension

    Kind Regards,

    "Her" response when I insisted on seeing the apartment:

    Thanks so much for your warm response.

    Actually, i can understand your point regarding the viewing of the flat and meeting. But unfortunately, that would not be possible for now. As i am so much committed to my work and our wedding preparation for now. And there is no one over there with the keys, as i have all the keys here with me, like i told you earlier.

    I would suggest for now, you visit the building and neighborhood to determine your interest . So as to have an idea of the living situation around there. As i do know your worries and reservations at this point. Though you can understand, i was suppose to lock up the flat since there was no one presently occupying the flat after the death of my Father. And moreover, i never had any intention of renting out the flat. It was my fiance who recently advise i should lease out the flat. Just for someone to occupy the place, and take up the maintenance. And often send me feed backs regarding the state of the flat, just to put off my worries.

    Let me know what to you feel. So we could start up with the renting process, if you are still keen taking up the lease. As for the keys, like i said earlier. I am willing to post that to you as soon as we both reach a mutual agreement.


    New name, same lame emails.

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    Moving to KT soon!!

    Another scam email that I got a while ago. I did not respond back to the guy because I am pretty good with craigslist . I knew this was fishy and probably a scam. Stay away from this person:


    From: anthony peter <[email protected]>
    Date: Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 6:16 PM
    Subject: RE: Regarding your advertisement on Craigslist
    To: xxxxx

    My name is Anthony Peter and my wife is Ann Peter.And we are the owner of the apartment .
    My wife and family have been relocated to Atlanta Georgia While am
    here in Nigeria ,We will not be coming back until one yr from now.
    My plan was to option the house for sale but my wife refused so i decided to rent it out.
    Realizing now that we cannot afford to let the apartment remain vacant for as long as we are away, we decided to rent it out to someone who is God fearing,trustworthy and who will be able to take good care of the apartment as if its his or hers
    The money is not the actual reason for the rent, but the need for someone to occupy the flat so as to maintain the facilities in the apartment.
    Like i said, the point i am emphasizing on is your ability to take good care of the apartment for us because that's the only property we have left in Hong Kong.
    If you are sure of your ability to take perfect care of the flat, and you are still very much interested in the apartment, kindly answer the questions below.
    The keys to the apartment and other documents are with us here, and will be sent to you as soon as we have a deal.
    looking forward to hear from you. Your full information will be used to process all documents that will be coming together with the keys leading to the house and this will come to you through UPS courier service.
    So kindly confirm your interest by filling out the rental
    application form below.
    ===== RENT APPLICATION FORM =========
    =======PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL ==========
    Also,Pls answer these questions below:
    1)Your Full Name__________________________ ____________
    2)Present Address(where you reside now) & Phone
    3)How old are you _____________________________
    4)Are you married ______________________________ _____
    5)How many people will be living in the apartment ___________________________
    6)Do you have a pet ______________________________ ___________
    7)Do you have a car ______________________________ ____________
    8)Occupation ______________________________ ___________________
    9How long are you willing to stay ______________________________ ___________
    10) when do you intend to move in ______________________________ ___________
    11) How many months advance rent are you willing /able to pay
    Looking forward to hear from you with all this details so that i can have it in my file in case of issuing the receipt in your name and contacting you.Await your urgent reply so that we can discuss on how to get the documents and the keys to you,please we are giving you all this based on trust and again i want you to stick to your words,We are putting everything into Gods hand,so please do not let us down in this property of ours and God bless you more as you do this

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    Wow...$7650 for a 2bedroom apartment. I smell a scam

    (Available Furnished) Two Bedroom, Fully Equipped Kitchen

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