Tai Po and surrounds (15 minute radius)

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    Tai Po and surrounds (15 minute radius)

    Could anyone suggest some expat friendly areas in Tai Po or surrounds.
    We are willing to travel 15 minutes out by car from that area.
    We would prefer a place where there was a garden and would not rule out living in a village house.
    Any suggestions appreciated (also numbers of agents in the area that we can contact?)


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    what's your budget?

    A fifteen minute radius around Tai Po would also probably encompass Sha Tin and Fan Ling so you may want to narrow it down a bit.

    You have a whole range of prices in the Tai Po area, ranging from very cheap in areas such as Tai Po Centre and UpTown Plaza (probably around 5-6k for a small two-bed).

    Mid-range (includes clubhouse facilities) in places such as Classical Gardens, Paragon, Grand Palisades (anything from 8k for a two-bed 600sq ft place, to 12-15k for 3 beds 1000 sq ft).

    Then onto the more expensive places such as developments on Tai Po Road south of Tai Po, and some places around HKIEd off Ting Kok Road in the north and Hong Lok Yuen in the west.

    Village houses are everywhere. Best bet is either up near Plover Cove in Ting Kok Road. Very active place for restaurants. Lam Tsuen has 26 villages of varying sizes. And then the area around Yuen Leng and Tai Hang villages to the NW. Also south up into Wun Yiu - 10 villages and a few low rise developments of varying expense.

    You could always move into JC Castle and have Bona Mugabe and her nice bodyguards as neighbours.

    For a decent English speaking agent try Ken Ng at Richland Property. His number is 90459472.

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    Price range up to $25k!
    Minimum 3 bedroom and prefer a garden.
    Minimum 1400sf.

    How far is Yuen Long from Tai Po by car?

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    Yuen Long? Probably about 25 minutes.

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    Thanks for the advice Pekkerhead!

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    you could always try sending Boris a PM. I understand from his previous posts that his wife is an estate agent and that they live in the Ting Kok Rd side (i.e. north) of Tai Po. He may be able to give you specifics.

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    Thanks for the intro Pekkerhead.

    We lived in Ting Kok Tseun on Ting Kok Road but now are back on the Island in Kennedy Town.

    Pekkerheads guidance is good.
    Lam Tsuen is ideal if you want mountain views and by private car is about 15 minutes.

    The villages along the Ting Kok Road along the coast from Ting Kok Tsuen to to Tai Mei Tuk are great locations. It all depends what your needs are. Also 15 to 20 minutes.

    I loved living in Ting Kok Tsuen, once you get used to village living then it is pure pleasure.

    For " up to 25K , 1400 sq ft min " you are looking at a Duplex OR a cheap whole house ( 2100 sq ft + Roof ) or decent whole house ( 1200 -1400 sq ft + Roof) . Village houses as a rule are square ( 700 per floor ) or Long Narrow ( 400 - 450 per floor ) with 3 floors and flat roof with access.

    I suggest you look for a Middle, Top Floor Duplex with a " structural cover " on the roof of a square house OR a whole Long Narrow with the same roof type. Both those would be in your budget. YOU MUST get a roof access because sitting out on warm evenings or lazy afternoons with the sea view ( even from a middle village position ) to you front and the mountain to your back is sooooooooooooooooooooo relaxing. Gets you away from the kids noise too !!

    Yes my other half is an agent, but going with just one is NOT a good idea unless they are freelance and you set them on a project. For Ting Kok we would recommend " the Three Girls " who are all English speakers and know the area well. ALSO in both Lam Tsuen and Ting Kok Road there are agents offices ( mostly at Tai Mei Tuk ). Most Important -- Be VERY clear with your requirements, including " I want good decoration " and " Don't show me anything that is dirty " . In that way you will minimize the hassle.

    Feel free to PM us if you need a Concierge Agent and my missus would be glad to work out something for you. If you want a DIY approach then PM me for the Three Girls details if you want.