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Shatin, Tai po, Mah on shan, or others?

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    A lot depends on your definitions of "affordable" and "walking distance."

    Definitely true that village houses are cheaper to rent, but if you want "walking distance" to preschools or kindergartens, your children and whoever will be accompanying them will need to be much sturdier than the precious little flowers the first world seems to breed these days (not to mention ready for early starts - how long does it take a 3 year old to walk a mile?).

    The big developments you mentioned will certainly be cheaper per square foot than they would be on HK island or West Kowloon, and you have a lot better chance of being close to a kindy, or at least on one of their bus routes.

    The other point is are you willing for your children to attend a CMI kindy, or does it have to be English?

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    Thx for sharing.
    I have babies/ kids under 2 years old.
    So walkable to school is better.
    Even for kindergarten I'm hoping not to take school bus. We are both working also so it's difficult to rely solely on helper to travel a distance with kids.
    As compared to the island side, I see that we can afford a lot more space with the same money we r paying.
    But of course we would want to find the best for bucks along with other needs such as school and safety.
    We r looking at hong Lok yuen which costs the most but provides schooling from playgroup to primary 6 all in the estates. Then more affordable beverley hills , providence bay, nearby area but then needs school bus.

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