Country, island, remote living

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    Country, island, remote living

    My wife and I are enjoying early retirement. We are currently checking out places in the world where we could live and not get too bored. Spent a few months in China (Yunnan), found it to be great, but don't like making those border runs. My wife used to live in HK and has perm ID card, so setting up our base in HK is one of our options. We mostly stay in Sai Kung when visiting HK, but not very familiar with more remote locations. We would like to rent somewhere with access to beach, fishing, hiking trails, etc. Proximity to public transport is not important but having a few local stores and restaurants is. Our rental budget is $7000. Does anybody know of a place that might suit our needs? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    I'd say that Lamma Island would be a perfect fit for you guys, if a relaxed, scenically active retirement and just hoofing it around the local community/shops is the order of the day.

    Your budget sounds quite o.k, you should get a single floor of a village house, inc a terrace for $7K ish.

    Lamma is more like Shek O than todays Sai Kung, in my opinion, although it's more like what Sai Kung used to be like, ( pre 2003 ). If you have ever spent some time mingling with the community in Shek O, you would know what I mean, based on your previous Sai Kung experiences.. I'm pretty sure you will be happy and satisfied with lamma.


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    Just looked at Lamma Island info on Wikipedia and that island is indeed looking quite attractive. We will definitely check it out next month when we are back in HK. Thanks a lot!

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