HomeyHomey service apartment reviews?

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    HomeyHomey service apartment reviews?

    Has anyone stayed at homey homey service apartments?
    Hong Kong Serviced Apartments - Homey Serviced Apartment

    The pictures look good (of course). How are the rooms and services? Clean? Ethical? Convenient? Shoebox?

    Would you recommend Empire (EmpireStudio - youR iDeal homE in Hong Kong) or HomeyHomey?

    And I've heard numerous bad reviews about the CityLoft at Cannon but it's so far the cheapest service apartment in cwb that I've come across.

    Any opinions/reviews are welcomed. Thanks!

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    be ready to live in a shoebox of less than 200 sqft.

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    i've lived in homey homey for one night where i was in hk last month for business. it's amazingly small. the room i had (19f) was supposedly 230 sqf but it somehow didn't add up. unless you're paying for the room with the seaview, it's claustrophobic.

    what they've done is they've converted a couple of units in a commercial building into studios with bathrooms. the place is clean and the bed is firm but the wireless internet is sometimes wonky. i had to call the guy up 3 times to get the wireless internet fixed for me.