service apartments for $5k or less?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MovingIn07:
    I know. i was being sarcastic. I think the OP might have some pretty unrealistic expectations!
    U used the wrong smiley, come on MI7. dont u know the smiley code. Haahaa

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtbhotia:
    U used the wrong smiley, come on MI7. dont u know the smiley code. Haahaa
    Actually no - not really!

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    you can find studios around 4.5-5.5k in CWB on Craiglist/Gumtree. I found some, but my budget was (is) 3k/month so I moved into shared flat, which you can find 2.5-3.5k, same place.

    In Jordan, I found a room for 1.6k though :P

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    Cozy is crap, I wouldnt even put my enemy in one of those. Have never seen anything like that before. Total Scam/Sham, the owners deserve to have a hot soldering iron jabbed in their eyes.

    What kinda service apartment tells you that you have to provide your own towels and toilet paper? Buy your own shampoo and body wash? F**K those people!

    Grrrrrrrrr, the more I think about it, the more pissed I get.

    See my rant here:

    Hell I wouldnt stay there again if they paid me. Place was disgusting to say the least, felt like a slum or some inner city project.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ewok:
    I lived in one at 5K in causeway bay for about 6 months 3 or so years ago (doubt it is that price now). Was TINY 103sq feet, but clean, had a bed,wardrobe, TV, wireless internet, toilet, shower and microwave, element and sink. Had a maid once a week. Also gym membership at california. Think it was called cozy appartments or something.

    The most impressive thing was what they could put in a space that size, and nicely.

    Also I moved out half way through a month and they refunded me on a per day basis the remainder of my stay! I didn't even askthem too!