need a place in HK for 1.5 months Nov - Jan

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    need a place in HK for 1.5 months Nov - Jan

    I've been looking through a bunch of apartments on here, and looking for some advice. Basically I now live in KLT as my family is here, but I'm looking to find a place for my partner and I when she arrives mid November.

    A couple of friends suggest Lantau Island. We don't need anything large. Just comfy with wifi internet would be ideal as I work online, and easy access to food stuff. Budget probably $12k, but of course want to spend as little as possible.

    Other leads I got include:

    -Soho69: nice but again a bit pricey (around $15k-$19k)

    -City Loft: looks ok and price better but put off by some bad reviews here

    -9 Studios: also put off by bad reviews

    -Empire Studios: looks ok too but again seem to have reviews here written by their own owners LOL

    -Royal View: nice but a bit costly and seems a bit far out there

    As someone who speaks fluent cantonese I'm wondering if I can find better apartments on other sites? Would love some thoughts. Ideally I think I'd love to be in the Central/TST area, but not in one of those super crowded apartment buildings.

    Also looking at options like the YMCA/YWCA and some hotels seem to do 1 month deals.

    Would love some thoughts/suggestions on places you've stayed in that you recommend.

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    Have you tried the "Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin" next to University East rail station? Joint venture between Chinese Uni. of Hong Kong and Hyatt Regency.

    They have long stay packages and would be conviently locationed to commute to Kowloon Tong.

    Royal Plaza in Grand Century Place shopping centre and Mong Kok East Station offers a quick commute to Kowloon Tong as well.

    For TST, best bet might be those hotels in TST East - even then you may not be able to find one in your budget.

    Or you can ask any travel agents for a HK hotel leaflet for TST/Central locations - then call those hotels directly and ask if they have a long stay package.

    I'm a Tsuen Wan resident so I know that Royal View would be well within your budget. Ask them for the cheapest/smallest room - no frills, mountain view. Otherwise they will try to pawn you a larger and more expensive room. It is a bit out the way but they have a TST shuttle between Royal View Ting Kau and Royal Garden TST East, ride is about 25-30mins.

    Good luck.

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    oh wow thanks hkken - some golden info here. so Royal View is only 25-30 mins from TST on a shuttle? that's actually acceptable... will check out the other ones u suggested, thanks a bunch!