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    well....im not one of those that think only HK Island is the place to buy. Kowloon and NT i think have potential in their own right too for many levels of class....but appreciate the thoughts nonetheless.

    Hung Hom I consider more of a safe buy. I dont think there is much potential for a huge increase, but i think it should be fairly stable in this area. The opening of Whampoa mtr might bring small growth potentials.

    kowloon station was still way over my budget. olympic i havent checked into yet. what is the ICC and west kowloon hub? when will it complete? what will it bring to olympic residents?

    while i agree some of the HK island mtr opening areas have great potential, id also like to be buying a place that is reasonable functional for me over then next few years. and being that i work mostly in NT and Kowloon, commuting from HK Island can be a pain in the ass. hence why im more interested in finding a good spot in Kowloon.

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