I need a place for 2.5k

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    I need a place for 2.5k

    Hi I'm getting kicked out of my great uncles house because hes moving back. Anyone know a place along the east rail line - after tai wai - preferably in shatin or taipo close to the mtr where I could rent a single studio room with bathroom w/o a kitchen is fine (120 sq feet+). I am also interested in sharing someones apartment.

    I'm a 19 male working on my own start up company. If anyone has a room under 2.5k including management fees or knows a few places where I could go try please tell me or has a room please post here.

    I would like a furnished place, but if not a table and chair would do fine. No bed is necessary. If anyone knows of a place like this please tell me.

    Sorry for my bad post, i'm in a hurry.


    I don't want to go to an agent. They are robbers.

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    you don't need a bed? never heard that one before! good luck!

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    Julian, you are local? Go to the villages, you can get cheap places there. There are often rent signs (in Chinese) stuck to lampposts.

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    If you could stretch to $3.5k-$5k there is plenty around here in Tai Po, and a lot of the rest of N.Ts. Best of luck finding something, but to be honest for $2.5k I think a shared flat is your best bet. Try Craigslist and Gumtree websites, they both have flatmate wanted ads.

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    You may need to focus on other places, like Kwun Tong or Sham Shui Po. Personally I am also on a budget and found a studio apartment in Kwun Tong for merely 2.8K, completely renovated, completely empty. It's small, but that's what we get for being on a budget.

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    If you are still looing....

    Best bet would probably be a shared apartment that has been converted into a studio style...

    umm hard to explain, basically it's a 500 square feet or bigger apartment that has been converted into a 3 or 4 studio room with shared/private bathroom/shower (private bathrooms usually rents out for more), rent usually goes for 2200-3500, any higher and it's probably a rip off unless it's in a really nice area.

    You can check real estate agents in the north point / quarry bay area, they are usually located amongst the older buildings.

    Agents make their money off commission and the commission is 1 month (1/2 from tenant, 1/2 from landlord) so you will end up paying 3 1/2 months total on your first month, you might be able to get by paying just 1 month deposit if the landlord agree but that's a 50/50 crap shoot.

    Some of the areas I know of that has studio apartments for rent are:

    North Point (Near MTR)
    Quarry Bay (Wai Lee, Tak Lee, Po Lee Bldg, see google map)
    Sei Wan Ho (Tai Hing Area)

    Good Luck