I need to find an accomodation for 3 month from January to March 2010

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    I need to find an accomodation for 3 month from January to March 2010


    My name is Margaux, I am a french student in business school, and I have to make a training period for 3 months, from January to March 2010
    I have found a work placement already, but I have a problem with the accomodation! It's very very expensive in HK, so I can't afford a flat for only myself. I will be very glad if I can find someone who accept to share a flat with me, or if someone can help me to find an accomodation not very expensive.
    The company's head office is in Central, but I think I can find a flat less expensive on Kowloon!
    If you are interested to take me as a roommate, it will be very cool!!
    I'm a girl 19 years old. Sorry for my bad english!

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    Salut, J'habite avec mon mari a Wanchai. Nous avons un appart d'environs 55m2 avec 2 chambres dont une de libre. Nous voudrions bien la louer a un etudiant ou stagiaire. Contact moi sur zahramga[at]hotmail.com pour plus d'infos.

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    up^^ Help me please!

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    what is your budget (how much can u afford).

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    I know it's maybe impossible, but I would like to find something around HK$4000/months!!! I don't care if it's in HK Island or Kowloon, I just want a small bed, anywhere!
    Maybe somedy looking for a student, who pay a part of the rent!

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    OP was in HK till March 2010

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    Did you read the post above yours?
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