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    In my experiences with rental properties, if the landlord wanted to show the property to a potential renter, they always make sure that I'm at home to open the door and watch while somebody's touring the house.

    I understand they need to release the room as soon as I leave, but I would appreciate it if they actually let me know beforehand so at least I can hide my valuables and intimates. Not to sneak someone in while I'm away.

    As for the cleaning, I would appreciate it if they have a set schedule as to when they're cleaning the room. Or like showing the room to other people, let me know beforehand so I can get ready for it. During my stay there, they sometimes came on Wednesday, sometimes Thursday, sometimes early in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, I would have no idea when they'll drop by. Sometimes I could be sleeping in my pjs and they would be knocking on my door for cleaning services. And I would have to quickly get out of bed get changed and everything. I really hate that.

    I'm a guest here, I didn't pay my money to follow Their schedule and let them invade my privacy like this. If they want to let people in, just.... ask me first and let me know about it, you know what I mean?

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    Well, your experience may not be the norm in HK, I hear that many tenants choose NOT to be home, when the landlord is showing the flat, some go out of their way to make sure they are not there in fact. Of course, if you have valuables (priceless jewelry, etc), that a different story, on the otherhand, if you are staying in an apt for the short term at the rates you mentioned, how much valuables could you have? Maybe laptop or mobile phone. I doubt they were "sneaking" into your studio, and as you said, nothing went missing.

    Anyways, you sound like a real paranoid person and judging by your other post (you seem to complain a lot, especially about your current neighbors in where you live now and how can anyone squeeze a family into a small apt in HK). Get with it, this is HK, apts are smaller than other parts of the world.

    As for my German girlfriend, she works 9 to 6 during regular office hours, so she is never around when they clean her room she says, so she never got caught in her pjs (LOL). Maybe next time you can hang a Do Not Disturb Sign and that would have solved your issue.

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