Habourview / Harbourfront Horizon

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    Habourview / Harbourfront Horizon

    Hi Guys,

    Seems theres lots of discussion on these apartments!

    Basically, my wife and I will be signing a 1 year contract for one of these 2 apartments within the next month.

    1. Which apartment block is better (Habourview / Harbourfront Horizon)?

    2. I heard the apartments can be noisy, from neighbors and traffic- any tips on the best blocks/ floors to reduce the noise levels?

    3. The Electricity- Is it worth paying the standard monthly fee for this or is it better value to pay per unit?

    4. What is the deal with internet?

    5. For the maid service, is it worth it? Do the maids do enough to warrant a payment of $500 per month? (washing up/ Laundry etc)

    6. I have a mountain bike, is there parking/ spaces provided to lock up the bike?

    Any other tips on negotiating the best rental price...
    Cheers Folks!

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    My husband and I moved out of Harborfront back in September frustrated beyond belief with the management and lack of service offered after only 6 months living there! Whilst the apartments are decent, the management are useless and any problems tend to go un-solved unless you are very persistant! An example would be when the flush on our toilet broke and we were told it couldn't be fixed for 4 days! Half an hour of standing at the front desk and it was done in a matter of hours, but do be prepared to fight for every last thing!

    That said, the location is good, as is the gym/pool (when they're actually open!) and the apartments are clean. Can't speak for HV, but at HF as long as you are facing the water rather than the road, no real noise problem.

    Personally I would hire a cleaner elsewhere as their maid service is poor and they certainly don't do ironing & laundry. Had to clean our bathtub on many an occasion just after the maid had been - again, only arguing got anything remedied.

    I don't think there are any bike spaces available, the internet is easy to set up - ask at the front desk and they'll tell you the options, and the electricity is definitely set at a higher than normal unit rate so if you think you'll be using a lot, maybe a flat fee might be better for you. We definitely save money on electricity now we live in a private rental.

    If it helps with rental negotiations, we paid 11.5k for a 5th floor apartment in D block facing the water and were offered the same rate for renewal in September. As a rule, the higher the floor, the pricier the rental.

    Sorry I can't be more help and hope you get on there better than we did!