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    I just signed a lease for a 700sq.ft place ($5000/mo) in Clearwater Bay, but I have to leave it to take over my aunt's place somewhere else.

    It's a great price for a huge place - but I already signed the lease - am I stuck with the place? I'm going to tell my landlord soon - but I would like to know what the consequences are first if he refuses to let me off the lease and I don't pay.

    I've paid the deposit (one month's rent), but what happens if I default and not pay? Can he pursue me in court? This guy is really lazy, and rents it out because he doesn't want any hassle when renting it out (I took over the lease from my uncle who negotiated the price and assured hassle-frees).

    In the meantime I am looking for someone to take over the lease...can the landlord refuse someone else from taking it over because he has a lease with me?

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    You're lucky because you've paid only one month's deposit, the normal rule is one month's rent plus 2 month's deposit. According to your lease (a standard lease) the landlord has the right to sue you for a year's rent for breaking the lease, but in most cases he won't. If you ask your property agent to talk to him you may only need to surrender the deposit or he may accept another tenant. But you need a new lease for a new tenant. Good luck.

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    Sounds like he accepted you for your uncle because of your relationship with him. He may not accept a stranger so easily. You should offer him a pay-off but expect trouble. He may be OK if you find him a friend to take it on.

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    Which part of Clearwater Bay? HKD 5 k per month is really a good deal! Is that on G/F or 1/F? I wanted to find a new place there but could not find such offer. You are really lucky!