Please take over my lease!!

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    Please take over my lease!!


    I'm looking for someone to take over my part in a lease! I'm moving out because my boyfriend and I want to move in together. The flat is in a really great complex called Metro Harbour View. It's kind of between Olympic and mong Kok MTRs, as well as a bunch of busses right out the front door that go everywhere! The complex has it's own gym, pool, sauna, music rooms, internet, reading area, function room, paint room...AND a plaza attached to it that has two doctors, a welcome and a mannings, and a bunch of other stuff. It's pretty new, I think me and my flatmate are only the 2nd people to live in this flat. It also has a full western kitchen witha washer/dryer and HUGE windows with big window sills that are big enuogh for you to sit on! I'm actually going to miss this place.

    The rent is $3,400/mo, and utilities come every three months, and are about $150 per month. It comes with wireless internet and basic cable. You can also buy my brand new bed if you want, for $700 (originally $1100 from IKEA, and is only two months old - but it's a single, and my bf and I obviously need bigger than that). My roommate, who would be yours, is a 23yo aussie guy named Steve. He's pretty cool, energetic and funny. I like living with him.

    I'm looking to move out asap (so me and my bf can move in together asap!!) - by the end of january at the latest, hopefully.

    Normally this'd go in classifieds, but they're closed right now. So sorry for putting this here instead, if it causes any problems!


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    Im interested! Will PM you now :-)