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    Bel-Air No Good


    I've recently visited Bel-Air and Parkview during my house hunting trip.

    Bel-Air is a great complex, with very nice furnishings inside. Kitchens are awesome. But the really bad thing is that they are still building Phase 3 and it gets noisy with the construction. Also, the air would probably be dusty from all the digging and building.

    We decided to go with Parkview because it's a very nice community. The club at Parkview is awesome, especially if you have kids. We don't have any kids right now but there's plenty for adults to do there as well. Very very safe, great supermarket onsite, frequent shuttle buses to central and lots of taxis by the clubhouse.

    Both were very expensive but the quality of life is sure worth spending. If you decide to go with Parkview, and your company pays for the housing, negotiate with the landlord to have them pay for the club membership (25k/year upfront payment) and bill it into the lease.

    Parkview also has central air, which should be included in the mgmt fees (so ask the landlord to include this in the lease). Another good selling point.

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    Hi, a few of us are meeting for coffee on Tues (Aug 8) at Starbucks Cyberport 2. We'll be there from 10:30am. Let me know if you can make it.