Wanting to live in Hong Kong :(

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    Wanting to live in Hong Kong :(

    Hey guys great forum, i am ABC (Australian Born Chinese) my parents where born in hong kong but came to Australia in the 1980s, what would be my options if i where wanting to live in Hong Kong.



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    do your parents have hk id? if not they may need to get theirs before you come to hk and apply for your own hk id. check the immigration web site for the original documents you need to have. if youre granted permanent resident you would probably have the condition on not leaving hk for more than 3 years or it would be cancelled

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    hey orrock thanks for the reply

    Im not sure whether my parents still have hk id and that if they lost there chinese citizenship when they where granted Australian citizenship.

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    if anyone knows would be greatly appreciated.

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    My gf was in the exact same situation as you (only in Canada instead of Aus). Her dad has HKID and her mom does not. They are divorced. She got her HKID, no problem, and it only took a few weeks.

    Just contact immigration, they are extremely helpful.

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    hey lowlight thanx for the reply

    Your gf was she born in canada? and where her parents still chinese citizens at the time of her birth.

    There may be no chance for me to ever live permanently in Hong Kong as i think when i was born my parents where Australian citizens so i would not have Chinese nationatly.

    Can anyone help?


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    She was born in Canada, and both her parents were Canadian citizens when she was born.

    Give it a go! Contact immigration. Visit Hong Kong while you fill out the forms! At the very least, you can have a nice visit, and see some friends and family while you try to get your permanent ID worked out

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    your parents can be permanent residents of HK and still have a different citizenship...

    for example...

    i'm canadian... i'm also a permanent resident of HK...

    my hubby is BN(O) (silly, uselss thing the brits came up with) passport holder, and a permanent resident of HK

    my son is a canadian citizen but has permanent residency in HK...

    residency and citizenship are two completely different things.

    you need to find out from your parents what their residency status is in HK...
    you don't "renounce" your residency... you renounce your citizenship...

    as suggested before, the HK immigration can be very helpful, but you need to find out the information from you parents first....
    then contact HK immig...

    you'll get far better answers than on some internet forum with a bunch of self annointed "experts" (myself included)

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    Thanks guys that cleared some things up

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    no i dun think you can lose hkid for citizenship grant in australia. well at least my parents didnt