well of course there's the option of applying to do a pgde at a hk university and becoming a 'real' school teacher. Most english teachers in hk schools are chinese, remember. And many secondary schools teach without the use of chinese in the classroom.

This will take a year, though. You can also do a pgce in england and then apply for the net scheme. While language centres might discriminate, i don't think the government does. Also, if you become a secondary teacher, students actually prefer chinese teachers for their a levels because they feel that they unjderstand the syllabus better and will prepare them well for exams.

Overall, I think hk is a good place for a non-native teacher to pursue a career, with the effort to become a good teacher, but not such a great place to pick up a few jobs here and there without experience. As a career though, hk teachers earn some of the best money in the world as far as teaching goes. Certainly more than i'd earn in england. Depends if you are serious about being a teacher or just looking for a paid holiday!
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