Need Advise - Moving to Hong Kong

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    your thread got hijacked it seems.

    HK, Shanghai, Beijing.... depends a lot on how good your languages are and how comfortable you are immersed in the "chinese experience."

    HK, then Shanghai then Beijing in order of comfort for very westernized. and there's a big drop off from HK to the other two.

    assuming your work will be China facing, i'd really recommend diving into Shanghai. tenure & experience on the ground, in the mainland is a precious calling card.

    however, if you'd consider yourself a twinkie HK is by far the easiest (also, especially if you don't read/write well)

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    Forget Hong Kong...Go for Shanghai instead. There's more opportunities and money to be made there these days. HK is a sunset city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaredHK:
    Forget Hong Kong...Go for Shanghai instead. There's more opportunities and money to be made there these days. HK is a sunset city.
    there's so much more money to be lost, too. it's easy to get cheated in shanghai.

    all developed economies have smaller rates of growth given the large base.

    depends on what ur doing tho...

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    Thanks everyone for responding.

    My work would be mostly China facing. I've been traveling Asia for the past few years, and it is time to make a move.

    Anyway, assuming the salary is the same in all three places, then I would chose HK for comfort (and yes, I am a twinkie) and China for growth.

    Anyone know what would a director at a accounting/counsulting firm would be?

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    I would prefer Shanghai if I were you. You speak Mandarin and the local dialect Shanghainese. A not minor advantage.

    Shangai is growing very fast and comfort/lifestyle is also available there. You just need enough money as everywhere else.

    The cost of living in Shanghai is lower than in HK (rent, puplic transportation etc.). According to the latest research HK is still with the top 10 most expensive cities in the world.

    Most people in HK speaks Cantonese and less Putonghua (even when they could).

    Your business is mainly in China so you maybe have to travel alot to Mainland and for this you need visa for Mainland China.

    HK however, is in fact more westernized than Shanghai. If you came from abroad you will find it very easy to fit in and settle down.

    The standard of living in HK is almost the same as in high developed western countries (if you don't mind small apartments). Shanghai's still not and the people there have some problems with common etiquetes either (most people immigrated to the city from the countryside and alot are not well educated).

    In my opinion and personal taste Cantonese Cuisine is the best Chinese Food in China and you will find the best in HK.

    Beijing is expensive, dirty (air, desert storm, clima) and boring.

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    Cheers LittleCamel

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