Advice on serviced apartments in Kowloon

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    Advice on serviced apartments in Kowloon

    Hi everyone,
    I'm moving to HK in October. I was planning on going over for a week in August to look for an apartment, but the plan has changed and I am now going to stay in a serviced apartment when I arrive in October while I look for a permanent place.
    So my question is: are there serviced apartments you can recommend in Kowloon? Not looking for luxury, but clean and comfortable, pool and gym a definite plus.
    I've been looking at some online and I found a couple so far that look ok in theory:
    Pinnacle Apartment
    Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees

    Does anyone have experience with these?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    My husband and I have been looking for serviced apartments as we are also moving in Oct. we saw that Ovolo and Bauhinia were good choices, Domus which are brand new and a good price for size, location et al. Just give the names a google and the websites should come up.