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    Seek Help and opinion

    Im 25 and met a guy online for over 4 years. We love each other so much and he finally came for a visit for 2 weeks. We had fun and great time together. We want to be together so bad.. and he likes HK.. is getting married the only way to have him moving to HK? he doesnt has a degree( coz he quit uni).. he worries that he cant find a job in HK.. also, he doesnt speak cantonese and mandarin.. what can we do? he hates his country which is US so damn much.. and what if i get married in US? is it difficult to get a green card to stay there? actually, i dont really want to move there but if its the only way we can be together... guess i have no choice.. what should i do?
    is it difficult to get a us visa?

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    Hey, maybe getting married its the solution for both ur problems,but even so its not assured.

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    >> getting married its the solution for both ur problems

    Will also open up a whole new range of problems.

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    poor me

    i know getting married would bring up another problem.. but i really want to be with him... it hurts to know if we couldnt make it... i dont really know wat to do.