Is this a Good offer?

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    anywya, the OP has to start somewhere.
    he can always find better oppt once he is in HK and has the proper papers to make further transfer easy.

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    Thanks a lot guys,for all the inputs.
    I can see everyone putting up the genuine points, which is making me thinking twice.
    About Accomodation, its going to be provided by the company and yes, it will be shared between 2 employees,with each having his/her own room.
    About Growth, I agree there wont be much scope, not because of lack of skills/talent, its just that one has to be well versed with local language to go up the ladder in HK/China, that's what I
    About role and responsibility, it's same role that I have india i.e. of Senior Consultant.
    So what I'm planning now is to ask for 35K/month (I hope they will land up giving 30K.),if it works out then fine,otherwise i'll stick to my current job in india.
    I'll keep you guys posted about the further developements.....
    Thanks Once again!!

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    welcome to hk

    happy dat u got the offer.

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