Good schools in HK?

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    Good schools in HK?

    I'm moving to Hong Kong with my family and we want to identify a good place to take up a 3 bedroom apartment on the Hong Kong island. We have two young children so would like something open and spacious wih a family environment and of course should be close to some good nursery / pre schools / elementry schools / childcare for the kids. International schhols in English medium is what we have in mind. Our budget is 25K for an apartment ...


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    I am also moving to HK with children. I have three ages 2, 6 and 9. WE have contacted many schools but have narrowed it down to Hong Kong Academy, Carmel School(if you are Jewish), American International School in Kowloon Tong, International Montessori, and Kiangsu and Chekiang. There are more prestigious schools (which seemed rigorous) and others I would have liked to apply to. These were all within my budget and had openings. I am going for visists next week, so I do not know exactly which I will like best. I am leaning towards Hong Kong Academy, even though it seems to have the fewest facilities, it seems to have a low teacher to student ratio and a warm and caring environment.

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    Thanks so much for this information. If teh child joins in mid session (feb) is that ok? Do let me know how you feel abt these schools once you go there and check them out.

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    Our little guy is at ESF I went there as well.
    They have schools throughout HK. I think they have 3 intakes, Jan/April and Sept.