What to take while your stuff is in transit?

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    What to take while your stuff is in transit?

    Our shipment is going out in late November. We are bringing the bare minimum. Artwork, pictures, clothes, toys and pots and pans. No furniture or appliances.
    The shipment can take up to 2 mos.

    What do we wear in between? Do you live out of a suitcase for over a month when you arrive? Is this typical?

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    Careful on the art work. Most walls, perhaps all, are concrete so rehanging won't be a matter of putting in a nail. Also, in our apartment there are a ton of windows and built-in closets/wardrobes so there is not a lot of available wall space.
    I am not even sure how to hang things on concrete; reminds me of a college dorm where you weren't allowed to poke holes and everything was doublestick tape and fun-tac. Our serviced apartment has a couple of pictures that appear to be held up with velcro.
    Since we knew we were coming, we stashed 2 weeks of clothes at the office and brought two weeks with us. Our washing machine is rather small, so we do laundry all the time anyway.