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    Where to live

    Hi everyone!

    I'm sure that my questions are not really original, but I need somewhere to start...

    I have an offer from my company to move to HK on an expat package. I have never been to this place before and have arranged to have a look around end of November before I say YES I WILL.

    I was trying to figure out which area would be most suitable for me to live. I am a single 36 year old gal and was thinking about cyberport, happy valley or central midlevels. I live in Germany and am used to have all the facilities / amenities nearby but still living in a quite place. On the other hand I don't want to have to travel long time to central where my company's office is located or to be "downtown" to socialise.

    Does it make sence to have a car? Or shall I make it dependent on where I live?

    Any ideas are welcome!

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    no need for a car in hk to be honest.

    Central midlevels and happy valley are good places to live as its close to where you will be working

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    central mid-level

    its good, esp for areas around soho. i hv been living there for 12 yrs.

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    My last tenant/renter is a German. At least he likes my apartment and the location is at Kowloon Station, one MTR station away from Central. Not sure if it is the right size, right budget and right timeline. But check out all the other apartments up there and you will find this place an alternative to mid-level central.

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