Guidance on temporary schooling

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    Guidance on temporary schooling

    My family is moving to HK and I am looking for suggestions in Quarry Bay area for temp schooling/engagement for 4 and 5 yea old. I am staying at Grand Plaza apartments temporarily. My wife and I need some place where they will engage the kids for a couple of weeks. It will be much easier to see several apts a day without the kids.

    Dec 11-Dec 20 for 1/2 day is where we need the schooling/engagement.

    Thank you.

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    No Idea on schools in Quarry Bay - but we were over in October doing the same as you looking at apartments - and we had our 2 boys with us - we used - they found us a nanny that suited us really well and looked after the boys during the day whilst my hubby and I trailed around the schools and apartments - we were lucky also staying at the Parkview as they have a lovely swimming pool and kids play area.

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    It's a good idea, but the schooling thing is not gonna happen.

    For what reasons?....waiting lists, paperwork, medical checks, uniforms would need an international school/kindergarten otherwise there would be no hope of anyone understanding your child's blubbering if they got upset (new country, new language) and you were in Discovery Bay.

    There's not much choice in QB either. There is the QB ESF school which takes kids from 5 and is also full. There are heaps of little local Kindergartens which are unlikely to take short-term. If you want to try I will get some phone numbers for you.

    I think your best bet is to get a native English speaker from one of the agencies and lots of DVDs. There is also a fantastic playground for that age group close by in Taikoo which she could take them to. Also a big Toys R Us Lol.

    Another thought, if your visit co-incides with school holidays you might try QQ Club in North Point. They have full-day activities in English. Very pricey and you also have to pay a joining fee of 1200 per child.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the thoughts. I will try the nanny website. My admin also suggested a nursery that does short-term. We would prefer to have them doing something engaging then sitting all day in the hotel room. We cant have them join a school right now because chances are we will not be living in the area. It is just were our temp housing is for next 4 weeks.

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    i want to learn something and i'll be based around fanling
    any adult ed courses for cooking ,taichi,art???????????