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    Smile Your input, please

    I have an opportunity to work in Hong Kong temporarily for an American company that would pay me in USD. I could use your input, please:

    I'm a Chinese-American with an HK permanent identity card. I'd make a fraction of $80,000 USD per year, depending on how long I'd work. I would be doing this for maybe a couple of months at a time. It would give me a chance to visit Hong Kong for longer than a typical vacation, and I could earn money meanwhile. I would living out of a couple of suitcases the whole time. I don't want to move to HK permanently. I would make the company pay for my round-trip airfare, and try to get a week's hotel stay so I'll have time to line up housing when I arrive.

    Does anyone know how this would complicate my U.S. tax returns? I work in the U.S. part time. Also, how would I handle taxes for Hong Kong?

    Where's best to look for a self-serviced apt if I would work in Quarry Bay? I don't want to commute more than 30 minutes. I just need something superclean and relatively quiet, not luxurious or spacious. I don't even need a kitchen. Can you give me suggestions and an idea of the price ranges? I speak Cantonese, so I can live among locals or ex-pats without worrying about language problems and such.

    Any other issues I should consider? I'd appreciate any help.

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    Check out the Grand Plaza Apartmets at Tai Koo Shing Area. They newly renovated it.