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    Ok. Some questions answered through this link

    but another one... do I find local hairdressers there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moving2HK:
    1) Is there a Park n Shop close to Island Resort? I assume there definitely is 7-11.
    2) Are there laundry shops close by?
    3) Is there a bakery?
    4) What about a dim sum restaurant. I dont mind if it is very very basic and local.
    5) I guess I am trying to get a 6xx or 7xx sqft apartment. Is one of the towers recommendable? Should one of the towers be avoided?
    6) How bad is the noise from the nearby stadium?
    7) Are there enough taxis around? In Sheung Wan I sometimes had problems getting a taxi... I know is weird...
    8) Do the taxi drivers know Island Resort?
    9) How much more does a furnished apartment cost as compared to an unfurnished apartment.
    10) How stable and fast is the Internet connection? Is there wireless Internet?

    So... maybe after that I know EVERYTHING :-)

    Thank you!!
    just want to say a few things
    - however noisy the stadium is, its only going to be noisy maybe a few days in a month. and its not going to be an all night affair. so what's the concern ?
    - taxi driver in hk knows almost everywhere.
    - not finding a taxi on rainny day is a common problem everywhere in hk.
    - wireless u likely have to buy your own router and set it up at home.

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