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Is Hong Kong Sunny or Gloomy (or both)?

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    Hi Hopeful,

    I agree, Switzerland can be really gloomy in the German speaking part, haha!!

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    It is funny, your initial question was "is hk sunny or gloomy (or both)?" and it finally seems that your answer is neither of them! It seems that there is no "objective" gloominess, and therefore people can relate this word to their own experience.

    In the same way when I feel bad and tired, the city around looks uglier, and even a bad rainy day might feel wonderful if I'm just feeling good at the moment. What I mean is that maybe, because you wanted to see Hong Kong as "not gloomy" it became hazy or misty (in your terms).

    What do you think?

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    I think that is a very perceptive observation NoChriste! You are probably right. I somehow seem to always have a good time in Hong Kong, regardless of the weather, so I probably do interpret my environment according to my moods and find ways to turn negative descriptors into positive ones to match that mood (and vice-versa). A lot of it has to do with the people you meet I suppose. I've been fortunate to run into a bunch of people in HK who were very helpful and friendly to me for whatever reason and that definitely helps to set the mood. "What is the city but the people?" as Shakespeare put it.

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