Can I bring my chandelier?

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    Can I bring my chandelier?


    My husband and I are moving to HK in April. We're currently in the process of packing up and shipping the belongings we'd like to bring along. We love our chandelier and would love to ship it along with the rest of our stuff. Is that advisable? We currently live in Canada. Nobody seems to know if the difference in voltage and frequency will be a problem. Space is fine since we have high ceilings in our new apt.


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    Assuming it is a chandelier where the bulbs are normal 110V light bulbs then it should be fine. All you will have to do is put new 220V bulbs in it. You can get bolbs with any sort of fitting here (small screw, big screw, bayonet, etc)

    But if it has a transformer/power supply and low voltage bulbs then things may get a bit more complicated.

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    Shipping a chandelier to HK? Are you mad?

    I'd assume that the apartment is rented? If so then speak to the landlord first as he may well not be happy when his ceiling is altered.

    Oh and I forgot there may not be a safe place on the ceiling to secure the chandelier, as apartments here don't usually have wooden beams etc between the floors which you can secure it to.

    Oh and too much risk involved in case it gets damaged in transit.