Job in Shenzhen; where to live with 3 school kids?

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    Hi. Just wondered if you had made any decisions on where to live yet. We seem to be in a similar situation. We are from London and planning to come to Hong kong with our 2 children very soon. My husband will also be working in Shenzen. We are leaning towards Hong Lok Yuen as a place to live. The school there looks lovely which is very important to us but we are also concerned about the commute for my husband. We are also looking at Sai Kung. My husband's office is in Lowu (don't know if I spelt that right!). We are hoping to go to Hong Kong very soon to do a recce but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I make the HK-SZ (Lo Wu) commute almost every day and it takes me about 75 minutes. Yes, a pain, but it can be done.
    If you decide to live in HK and commute to SZ, you will either have a long commute (well over an hour) or you will have to give up on living surrounded by Americans/Westerners.
    I would not be in favor of moving into SZ, especially with kids and without Mandarin skills. Nor would I use PRC medical care if I could avoid it.

    Lardeeda--Sai Kung to Lo Wu, without a car, would be a long, long commute. I estimate it to approach 2 hours each way. (If I am really off-base, someone will correct me.)

    Hong Lok Yuen--maybe 20 minutes by car to the Tai Wo KCR. Parking will be expensive. Imagine you could also do it by mini-bus and save money but not time.

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