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Moving from sg to hk

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    This discussion is not about which country is better. This debate could go on forever.

    I am trying to provide an objective view to the type of accommodation hkd10k can get, as compared to accommodations in Singapore that the median/middle income live in. There is no denying that the type or quality of accommodations that the median income in HK live in is of much lower standards by far. People thinking of moving to HK should not be conned into thinking that the floor area quoted is net livable area in the apartment. This misleads them to think that they will not be compromising quality of life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zergmei:
    if you are from Singapore, then HK is a real dump
    if you are from other Asian countries, then HK is paradise
    Sorry I totally disaggree with what you said before.

    I'm from other Asian country and not think HK is paradise, but just fine for me. When I went to Singapore I only lasted 6 months there, the island is too small and very boring because there is no place other than living in tiny urban travel.

    I now live in HK for more than 1 year and it showed HK no worse from Singapore as your statement.

    Thank you
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